Chronic Pain/Illness Resources

Quest Center. Lots of programs for folks dealing with chronic pain and trauma
Nancy Holmes.
Alicia Ankenman.
Anne Allanketner.
Tami Stackelhouse.
Works with women dealing with fibromyalgia
Norma Schell.

Heidi Peterson, ND
Dr. Wendy Rogers.
Dr. Lori Brown.
Tracy Thorne, LAc. Japanese style acupuncture. Very gentle and sweet.
Sarah Chase, LAc. Acupuncture and bodywork.
Dr. David Russ. Chiropractor
Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc. Women’s Health, Cancer, Immune Disorders, and Chronic Disease.

Yoga for Chronic Pain. Classes at Unfold Studio.
Jacqueline Rubinstein. A sweet and knowledgeable Feldenkrais practitioner. Does one on one work and hold chronic pain specific classes.
Johanna Rayman. Offers a support group for chronic pain
Mastering Pain. Group and Individual therapy in Vancouver, WA
East Portland Chronic Pain Meetup Group

Beata Chapman: So many great articles and talks. An amazing resource.
Toni Bernhard: her articles on Psychology Today and her books are great
Grace Quantock:Using your “brokenness” to break boundaries”
David Whyte “On Pain”
Notes from a Chronic Pain Class
Quality of Life Scale. from the American Chronic Pain Association
Invisible Illness or Chronic Illness: What’s the Difference?
Sick Woman Theory. Read this one! or watch!

Online Support:
Chronic Babe: online support forum, weekly videos. great community.
Grace Quantock/Trailblazer: great blog with interviews and tips for living with chronic illness. also runs a good facebook group/community.

Nuture Healing
Beyond Meds: lots of great articles
Overcoming Pain.
Blackbird at Night. personal blog
Fibromy-Awesome. personal blog
Chronically Yours. A zine you can order, plus a blog.
The Princess in the Tower

Chronically Badass: a guide for the young and chronically ill (zine)

To Listen:
Meditations and Yoga for Pain Relief
-Focusing and pain (from Focusing Resources)
-Sick Woman Theory: watch or read an amazing talk by Johanna Hedva.
-Vidyamala Burch On Mindfulness and Pain

Tips for supporting others:
How to Help a Sufferer
Understand Someone with Chronic Pain
-Tips for communicating with someone suffering from chronic pain
-What you say to someone with chronic pain and what they hear.
-15 things not to say to someone with a chronic illness-8 things not to say to someone with chronic pain


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