Grief Resources

Support Groups/Workshops:
Golden Willow Grief Group
Dougy Center
Providence Hospital Grief Groups

Pet Loss Support Groups:
Dove Lewis
-Kate Davis, M.S.W., L.C.S.W . Individual, group, and training. Helps humans cope with grief and trauma around animal issues. She works with veterinary staff, shelter and rescue workers and animal caregivers.
Ute Luppertz’s Animal Hospice Group

Grief Support Practitioners:
-Melinda Laus
at Courageous Mourning
Catherine Beckett
Portland Therapy Group‘s list of therapists who work with grief
Georgena Eggleston/Beyond Your Grief
-Christine Pearson/Golden Child Acupuncture

Writings/video about grief and grieving:
Grief Intelligence: A Primer
-Jack Kornfield on “How Mindfulness Can Help Us Work Through Grief”
The Dougy Center has a great podcast discussing different aspects of grief.
The Hardest Part of Grieving: Allowing Yourself to Actually Do It
Grief Anniversary (a poem)
Solving the Problem of Grief
What’s Your Grief (blog and podcast)
Refuge in Grief. Really amazing blog. She offers one on one support as well.
Glow in the Woods . For “babylost” parents.
Modern Loss. Conversations about Grief

Tips for supporting someone with grief:
How to write a condolence note
Things No Grieving Person Wants to Hear (and What to Say Instead)
10 Best Things to Say to Someone in Grief
-Tip Sheets from The Dougy Center
-Trauma Intervention Program: really good resouce list including how to support children, suicide support, and disaster support.
-How to Help a Friend Through Babyloss
-Building Emotional Intelligence in Children: Talking about Sadness, Loss, and Grief

Death Discussion
Terri Daniel
Portland Death Cafe

Ritual, Ceremony, and Memorializing
Ash & Earth. Holly Swan creates beautiful remembrance stones with love and ritual using the cremains of your loved one.
Conscious Grieving. Grief Rituals and Workshops facilitated by Terri Daniel
Memorial Quilts.
Holly Pruett. Life Cycle Celebrant
Sobonfu Some. Comes to Oregon often to do powerful grief rituals

Download the Trauma Intervention Program’s Resource book. Lots of local resources.


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