Trauma Resources in Portland, OR

Somatic Experiencing (SE)
Traumatic Release Exercises (TRE)
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Process Work

Johanna Rayman
Integrative Trauma Treatment Center. an integrative clinic focused on trauma.
Fabiana Wallace
Linda Meretsky (SE, EMDR)
Jon Keyes
Jennifer Slater (SE)
Alicia Ankenman (SE)
Dr. Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe
Amenda Clinic – integrative mental health care including ND’s and LAc’s
PDX Trauma Free
Portland Trauma Recovery
Portland Somatic Therapy (SE)
Anne Allanketner
Clearwater Center for Healing- program for women healing from trauma

TRE Practitioners:
Jessica Schaffer
Chelsea Mayer

Sonia Connolly at Sundown Healing Arts. She also has a book and lots of great articles on her website. Highly recommended.
Clara Parnell practices a variety of modalities including Cranial Sacral Therapy and abdominal/organ work.
Inez Coppola. Acupuncture and energy work. Highly intuitive, gentle, and compassionate.
Tracy Thorne. Japanese style acupuncture. Very gentle with lots of experience.

Trauma focused support groups:
Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Group for Women at Quest Center for Integrative Health. They also have some good practitioners at their clinic as well as TRE groups.
Trauma Toolkit Book Club and Support Group Lead by Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW and focused on her book The Trauma ToolKit

Unfold Studio. gentle classes, all teachers are trained in yoga therapy
Portland Therapeutic Yoga. sometimes has TRE classes.
Sellwood Yoga. TRE classes
Do Yoga With Me. free online yoga!

Lydia Anne Bartholow: mental health nurse practitioner, herbalist, and educator. offers incredible classes on understanding trauma.
Trauma Intervention Program: does local trainings. also has a really good resource list.

The Art of Healing Trauma -Heidi Hanson’s process of working through PTSD. Great information and tools from the perspective of someone working through it all.
Heal My PTSD– Great podcasts and webinars.
Pete Walker . good articles
Robyn Posin. sweet articles about nurturing your inner child and wounded self.
Matt Licata. healing words.
Laura KerrCoping with Trauma (article) Window of Tolerance (PDF)
Trauma Recovery. great website with a guide to understanding and healing trauma
Rick Hanson. speaks about positive neuroplasticity
Herbal Therapy in PTSD
-Beyond Meds. great blog with section on Trauma and PTSD

Free Meditations (meditation isn’t always the best with PTSD so find trauma oriented meditations and don’t push too hard!)
Mindfulness Solutions
Dan Siegel’s The Wheel of Awareness
Tara Brach
Ronald Siegel
Christopher Germer
-David Emerson- chair yoga for trauma
Exercises from The Trauma Center
Self Compassion Exercises from Kristin Neff

-Bessel van der Kolk lecture on “Engaging the Natural Healing Systems of the Brain for Self-Regulation, Heart Rate Variability and Beyond”
Brian Mahan talking about “the fives”
Diane Poole Heller– attachment work
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

Multnomah County Crisis Line                      503-988-4888
Portland Women’s Crisis Line (PWCL)          503-235-5333
Download the Trauma Intervention Program’s Resource book. Lots of local resources.

Traci Picard’s resouce page for suicide support (nationwide).

How to Manage Trauma Infographic


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